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As if you can’t tell just by glancing at them, this was a sibling session. It was also the second time I have had grown kids plan a portrait session as a surprise for their parents… I love it! I wish more kids would think to do this – what a great surprise this will be for their mom!!

Enjoy… I’m about to upload the full gallery as well, guys!

Virginia Family PhotographyWashington DC Family Portraits

- RD

That’s right – seven kiddos – and I have to say, it was NOT HARD! They were so amazingly friendly, sweet, and well-behaved that this shoot was actually a breeze. I was so happy to see them, and so happy to photograph them. Since they were in from out of town, it was really lucky that the storms that were threatening ended up skirting away from us. Enjoy your preview – I am enjoying proofing them!
- RD

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