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Seeing Red…

November 29, 2011

But in only the BEST way – loved the vivid colors of this session – still lots of green in the grass and trees, gorgeous red dresses, and stunning children. What more could you ask for?
Gallery is in process, hope this preview holds you over for a little bit longer!

virginia family photography
- RD

Barely Hanging On…

November 22, 2011

The front tooth, that is!! The over-riding goal of this session was to get photographs with a front tooth still attached! Big brother is JUST about to lose his top tooth, and I bet we barely squeaked in under the wire, getting these shots before it falls out. It’s verrrrrry wiggly!
So glad it hung in there, and I have to thank this family for their flexibility in scheduling – I appreciate you!
washington dc child photography

TOO much fun!

November 22, 2011

I love all of my clients, but this family is so special! I have been photographing them since their daughter was a baby. So, a few fun things about them:

1. Miss A has the most amazing eyes you will ever see in your life, just like her mom! 2. Little brother has so much swagger – carrying around his golf club! I just love him. 3. Both kids are so hilarious  - I bet their house is a lot like ours! 4. They are always in a great mood and come ready to have a good time, which equals a predictably stress-free session for me! What could be better!?

Here’s your preview… gallery will be done soon!


Baby Baby

November 22, 2011

Another great referral… I am so thankful for my clients who tell their friends about me. I hope that I will be photographing this little guy for many years to come! Take care guys – gallery is coming!


I am so happy that this couple won my silent auction package at the SMYAL event a year or two ago… they are absolutely the sweetest, easiest-to-photograph duo you could ask for! And so clearly in love – it comes through so clearly in the images. We had a lovely visit while we walked around the park, and I love the photos that we captured. Enjoy the preview, guys – I’ll be in touch soon…
- RD


Although I love seeing everyone for family holiday portrait sessions, it was nice to have a little break to go “play” with a high school senior for an hour – it’s just a fact that 17 year olds are easier than 2 year olds. This girl was so sweet and so beautiful, how could you go wrong? We had a great time, and I’m excited to show the preview off for her and her family!
Enjoy… gallery is in the works.
- RDwashington dc senior portraits
washington dc senior portraits
washington dc senior portraits
washington dc senior portraits