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Spring has Sprung!

March 29, 2010

Finally, it seems that the DC area is truly showing signs of spring. Daffodils and cherry trees and tiny bits of green on previously dormant trees… it makes my heart beat faster! And this was such a great session. So happy to be outdoors again – here are a few previews while the gallery is in process.

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Friends of Friends

March 11, 2010

So excited to start what I hope will be my regular blog format – Meet the Clients Q&A. After you check out their session, check out the suggested links to my clients’ favorite charities and local businesses!

Meet the Clients – The Strollo Family:

How did you hear about me: Through our friends, Karina Lynch and Dave Bohley

What is your job and/or favorite hobby: We love being outdoors – running/walking in the park, playing tennis, swimming, etc.

Tell me one funny/interesting/unusual thing about yourself or your family: Together, our parents have 90 years of marriage under their belt (my parents will celebrate their 48th anniversary in June while Mike’s parents will celebrate their 42nd anniversary in August).  We think this is a wonderful example of love and commitment that we hope to follow.

Do you have a favorite charity or public service organization you would like me to link to? And tell me why you support it? Turning the Page ( – because it’s DC-based, promotes literacy/education in the public-school system (we’re both proponents of a quality public education).

Do you have a local business you would like me to link to? Biagio Chocolate ( is a place we love (of course, we don’t go as often now that we live in the burbs).
Describe an average day in your life: Well, now it involves feeding, burping, changing diapers, bathing, and only occasionally, sleeping!

Tell me what you hope your portraits will mean to you in 20 years: It’s hard to imagine now, but because our daughter grows so quickly, there will come a time that it’s difficult to remember her being so small and us being so young.  We want to keep the memories of our beautiful little girl as fresh as the crisp photograph on the next page of the photo album.

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March 9, 2010

Meet the Clients – The Larosa Family

How did you hear about me: I was presented a gift certificate for a newborn/family photo session with R.David Photography from my best friend Jennifer at my baby shower.  I thought it was such a neat gift and after my session last Friday, I now know why…the photos turned out stunning.

What is your job and/or favorite hobby:  I work with the TV Show “America’s Most Wanted” and hear the worst of the worst stories.  But once in a while positive things happen too…so it makes it a very rewarding job.  I’ve assisted the host, John Walsh for over 11 years…he is one great man and thankfully giving me some time off to raise my new son, Dean.

Do you have a favorite charity or public service organization you would like me to link to? And tell me why you support it?  My favorite non-profit is the non-profit that my boss John Walsh and his wife, Reve co-founded after the abduction and murder of their 6-year old son Adam…The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (  NCMEC is a 501C3 charity with an A+ rating…they do amazing work for children and their families.

Describe an average day in your life:  Hmmmm….an average day in my life….that has changed dramatically since the birth of my son on February 6.  It use to be get up and go to work and see what the day brought my way….sometimes normal office work, other days in the studio getting a show done, and finally the best days walking the halls of Congress with my boss to get some legislation passed for victim’s, children and their families…no one does it like John Walsh…he is the man when it comes to making things happen.

BUT for the past month….my days and nights have merged together and all that is important is feeding, changing and loving my new little man, Dean.  Oh and let’s not forget feeding, walking and playing with my puppy, COLE (an 18 month old black lab).   I am surrounded by all boys in my house and wouldn’t have it any other way.


Tell me what you hope your portraits will mean to you in 20 years: In 20 plus years from now I will look back on my portraits of Dean, Cole, Derrick (my husband) and myself and probably cry.   I know…no matter how great we treat Cole (my puppy) he won’t be around in 20 years and I already am freaking out about that.  He was my first love and after watching “Marley and Me” I am not looking forward to the end.  As for my Dean…I will show all his friends how cute he was and remember his cute sounds, baby breath and how many times he has pee peed on me and Derrick (and guests).  As for my husband and I….I will think…time for botox and ohhhhhh I remember those days! In all honesty I look forward to the future and hope and pray it brings health and happiness for my family and friends.

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The Apple of Their Eye

March 2, 2010

This little guy… what can I say?! Isn’t he gorgeous!? Just like his mom. I photographed him as a newborn, and the best part of this job is getting to photograph kids as they grow up. Mom wanted to document the special relationship that they have with her parents, so we took a stroll through the Battlefield for some special portraits for her birthday treat!
Here is a preview of our session – SO great to see you guys!!

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