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Couples Session

October 31, 2009

Great session today with this couple… another example of when not to cancel! The weather was iffy, but they watched the hourly forecast and we successfully predicted the best hour of the day to shoot in between sprinkles. The light was gorgeous and they were so much fun to shoot.

Enjoy the preview!!

DSC 7839p Couples SessionDSC 7893p Couples SessionDSC 7754pbw Couples SessionDSC 7819p Couples Session

Rainy Rooftop Saturday in DC

October 24, 2009

This session is a perfect example of how “rain” does not always have to equal “rain-out”.  It was certainly grey and dreary, and we ran in and out because of sudden downpours. But this little guy’s grandparents live in an awesome brownstone in the District, with huge windows, tons of light, and a rooftop terrace. The light was beautiful and soft and the session looks as brightly lit as any. Of course this doesn’t work when your session is scheduled in a field, but something to keep in mind when we are shooting at your home – if there is light, we can pull it off in spite of a rainy day!
Enjoy the preview, little R has grown so much, and is SOOOO adorable!!! Gallery is on its way soon. Thanks again!

DSC 6907p Rainy Rooftop Saturday in DCDSC 6988p Rainy Rooftop Saturday in DCDSC 7020p Rainy Rooftop Saturday in DCDSC 6861pbw Rainy Rooftop Saturday in DCDSC 6874pbw Rainy Rooftop Saturday in DCDSC 6937p Rainy Rooftop Saturday in DC

First of the Holiday Minis

October 11, 2009

So I have had to split my fall minis into multiple sessions – but actually, I am liking doing them two at a time. And yesterday I had the first two of the fall promo minisessions. Both repeat/awesome clients. Zero stress, awesome kids, awesome parents. The best!
If you are interested in booking a holiday minisession, email me at $300 includes 30 minutes of shooting, all post-processing, and one full-res file with reproduction release. This is the perfect way to get a session and full res file for your holiday cards at a deeply discounted price.

Enjoy the preview!
DSC 6476p First of the Holiday MinisDSC 6520p First of the Holiday MinisDSC 6550p First of the Holiday MinisDSC 6473p First of the Holiday MinisDSC 6614p First of the Holiday MinisDSC 6593p First of the Holiday MinisDSC 6644p First of the Holiday Minis


October 9, 2009

I always love when I get to work with out-of-towners. Its fun to meet people from other places, and to whom our familiar locations are “new”. This gorgeous family was in from New Jersey, and after being unable to schedule last year, worked in a session while on this visit. Here is a quick preview… the full gallery will be ready soon!

DSC 6316p Out of TownersDSC 6370p Out of TownersDSC 6287p Out of TownersDSC 6331p Out of TownersDSC 6449pbw Out of Towners

Early October

October 5, 2009

Fall is my absolute favorite season – perfect temperatures, blue blue skies, color in the trees, and low humidity. Perfect for portrait-taking. The only problem is that it doesn’t last long enough. If only we could have 5 months of summer followed by 6 months of fall with one month of winter thrown in for December. THAT would be about perfect. But since we don’t, we’ll just have to enjoy it while it lasts…

This was my first family session for October 09, and it was just fabulous. What gorgeous boys these are, and they were sooooo good and sweet for me. Thanks to Mom and Dad for a really laid-back, stress-free hour of picture-taking. I had a great time, and hope you enjoy the preview!! Full gallery is in process.


DSC 6048p Early OctoberDSC 6062pbw Early OctoberDSC 5954p Early OctoberDSC 5934pbw Early OctoberDSC 5918p Early October