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We Have a Winner!

June 25, 2009

J (#3) wins the summer model contest! Thanks so much to all of the gorgeous kids who participated – everyone is a winner in my book! J will receive a monogrammed gallery mount of her winning image, and will be featured in my blog header and on my website for the entire month of July – watch for her!


dsc 7036post We Have a Winner!

Thanks to my out-of-town friend Caitlin for this great referral…
We had a nice (if somewhat WARM) stroll through the garden for this session – it was a little close to bedtime, and very hot – but the girls did great in the end, and we got some great shots. Thanks for coming out and braving the heat! I think we were all just glad that at least it wasn’t raining again! ;-)
Here’s a preview of the session:

dsc 8926p Garden Session|Virginia Child Photographer

dsc 8906pbw Garden Session|Virginia Child Photographer

dsc 9029p Garden Session|Virginia Child Photographerdsc 8895pbw Garden Session|Virginia Child Photographerdsc 9031p Garden Session|Virginia Child Photographerdsc 8922pbw Garden Session|Virginia Child Photographer

Thanks to all the great families who brought their kiddos out to my June GoCity Kids promotion – the Summer Faces Fashion Model Contest! The winner of the contest will receive a gorgeous monogrammed 11×14 gallery mount of their winning image and will be featured on this blog and my website throughout the month of July!

Here are the entries, in no particular order…you may vote (and have friends and family vote) once per day. This should be a close contest – all these kiddos were gorgeous! The voting buttons are at the bottom of the entries.

PLEASE NOTE! I know that #8 looks VERY much like my daughter. But rest assured, she is not! I did not enter my own child in my contest, I promise!

row1 Summer Model Contest is Underway!row2 Summer Model Contest is Underway!

row31 Summer Model Contest is Underway!
row4 Summer Model Contest is Underway!

Early Bird Session

June 14, 2009

Something not as common for me… early morning. I am generally an early-evening shooter, because I don’t normally get “up-and-at-’em” early enough to avoid harsh late morning light. But with all of our swim team obligations this summer, I decided to start making some early morning appointments and just toughing it out with an alarm clock.

The light IS beautiful at 7:45am…

*Apologies again for any color inconsistencies while I am proofing on the laptop – I suspect everything will have to be tweaked once the Imac comes home… ;-)

dsc 7873 Early Bird Sessiondsc 7820bw Early Bird Sessiondsc 7923 Early Bird Sessiondsc 7827 Early Bird Session

dsc 7960bw1 Early Bird Session

That was the subject of much speculation leading up to this session – LOCATION!  After going back and forth several times on possibilities and pros and cons, we ended up at the park closest to home. Funny how that happens. And, as usual, this location pulled through with flying colors. Add in a great looking family and you get a beautiful session. Here is a quick preview. Thanks for being so wonderful to work with! Your gallery is coming soon.

dsc 7653bw Location Location Location...
dsc 7786 Location Location Location...dsc 76131 Location Location Location...

dsc 7652bw Location Location Location...

dsc 7694 Location Location Location...dsc 7650bw Location Location Location...

This was a session that just clicked and went like clockwork. As soon as we met, I knew it would be great – such a nice family, so laid back and easy to work with. The whole time I kept thinking that these grown “boys” could be MY boys in 10 years. The similarity was really striking, and at one point, I said “I want someone to do this session for me with my guys!!” It was tons of fun, and the preview is a bit overdue, because of my computer melt-down (which should probably be a blog post unto itself.)
Here we go – a preview of the gallery:

dsc 7217pbw1 A Glimpse of the Future|Virginia Family Photographer dsc 7253p A Glimpse of the Future|Virginia Family Photographerdsc 7235pbw A Glimpse of the Future|Virginia Family Photographerdsc 7208pbw A Glimpse of the Future|Virginia Family Photographer

There is an old saying that “You can’t go home again” – and often it’s true enough.

But sometimes you can. Our dear friend/teacher/mentor Joseph celebrated a “milestone” birthday this week, and the Paperchase crew turned out for a surprise-post-trailride bash planned by the ever- organized and  fabulous Saturday morning riders.

blog1 Happy Birthday|Thanks for the Memories

It makes no difference whatsoever that the old Paperchase Farm has not existed in its original form for more years than I care to remember. What matters is that when we all get together on the farm with the vague smell of horses and leather and hay in the air,  we still feel perfectly at home – old friends and new.

Amid the celebrating, there was a lot of:  “How can your kids be so big??” and  “How did we get so old?” and “How long has it been since the last time I saw you?” and of course “Are you riding?”

But the resounding theme, the question that kept going around and around was:  “Remember When…??”

There seems to be so much to remember – the horse shows in the heat of summer and cold of winter – jumping in the pool with your riding clothes on because you were so hot you thought you would die, and braiding when you thought your fingers would freeze off. The Christmas parades, mock hunts, wine rides, and tailgate parties. Hunt Night. The Tuesday night lessons, both on horseback and watching from the old judges stand. The trips to Kings Dominion where the ride down 95 was as memorable as the day at the park. All the great horses we have known and shared with one another. Watching kids go from leadline to college in what seemed to be the blink of an eye.

And the sweetest moment for me – when someone told me that one of her strongest memories of Paperchase was of me – at 19 or maybe 20, galloping by on Lady, bareback and in a hackamore, caution thrown to the wind (quite literally, and probably stupidly). Thank you for that,  Sharon. Somehow that meant alot – to think that someone remembers how I rode when I was so young that it never even occurred to me that I could fall off…
Those days are gone – but boy, it’s easy to remember how it felt to sit on Lady.

blog2 Happy Birthday|Thanks for the Memories

At any rate – my point is, sometimes “going home again” is just sharing a history and keeping those memories alive. And for that, I know we are all eternally grateful.

So from all of us – Happy Birthday – and thanks for the memories. :-)

blog 3 Happy Birthday|Thanks for the Memories

What is better than summertime, lemonade, popcorn, peanuts, and the ballpark!? Being DISPLAYED at the ballpark!

That’s right – on the evenings of August 7/8, during Nats home games, I will be a featured artist and will have a large display at Akridge Highwater at Nationals Stadium in DC – if you haven’t heard about Festival Park, it’s an amazing concept:

From the Akridge site:
Georgetown Events in partnership with Stroud Productions is bringing life to the Waterfront District by creating a new experience for
Washington area locals. The Bullpen is a festival park directly across the street from the main entrance to the Washington Nationals Stadium
at the corner of N and Half Streets S.E. Before each game, The Bullpen is a great venue that the entire family can enjoy, whether they are coming
to a Nationals Baseball game or happen to be in the Waterfront District for any other occasion. The Bullpen offers interactive sports games
for children sponsored by Headfirst Camps and Under Armour. Local food vendors include Rocklands, Colonial Kettle Corn and Surfside.
There will be live music for all to enjoy and a beer garden for adults sponsored by Bud Light.

My display theme is “Growing Up DC – Kids Sports and Leisure in the Nation’s Capitol”

Here are the samples I submitted for consideration:
3samples1 Exciting News|RDOP on Display at Nationals Stadium in August!
Challenge to friends and clients:
16′x8′ is a large space! I will be shooting some images specifically for this display. Got a kid who loves a sport? Got an original idea for a sports/leisure portrait or action shot? Run it by me – if I like it, I will shoot it for free, and I might select it for display at the Stadium!

Model Family

June 1, 2009

So… not surprised when Mom mentioned she used to be a model…

But the WHOLE FAMILY looked like supermodels! It was one of those sessions where I really wished I had put on a little makeup, ha! Seriously, it was a gorgeoous family, gorgeous weather, gorgeous setting kind of session, and I am really loving proofing this gallery.

Thanks for coming out to Middleburg, guys – and your gallery is in process!

- RD

dsc 6497pbw Model Familydsc 6530p Model Family

dsc 6491pbw Model Familydsc 6565p Model Familydsc 6542pbw Model Familydsc 6687p Model Familydsc 6705p Model Family